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Heel Pain

Heel pain is a common complaint for many New Yorkers. Our lifestyle keeps us on the go 24/7 and is not easy on our feet. Patients coming to the office usually say that the pain is worse during their first step in the morning and after long periods of sitting.

If this is a new onset of pain it is possible that the patient’s pain is caused by an ailment known as “Plantar fasciitis”, which is an inflammation of the soft tissue located on the bottom of the foot that is attached to the heel. The number one treatment for this is stretching. stretching your heel cord (Achilles tendon) and stretching the bottom of the foot. Also, a large component of heel pain (even though not necessarily) is a patient’s weight. When we walk we exert a force onto our feet double that of our weight

The force on our feet is equal to our body weight plus the grounds equal force pushing back. Patients who gain weight over a short period of time for various reasons can be prone to acute heel pain. This can include causes such as a sedentary lifestyle or even pregnancy. Once in the office Dr. Valencia will usually evaluate you and take X-rays to rule out any other reasons for the pain, such as a stress fracture. Treatment options vary but almost always include stretching, heel lifts/ shoe inserts and a type of anti-inflammatory medication (either oral or topical). Steroid injections may, at times, be warranted.

Each person and each foot is unique and therefore some may be good candidates for orthotics, while others might require surgery if pain is not alleviated after long periods of time.

If you are having heel pain call the office of Dr. Diana Levin Valencia for an evaluation and treatment plan.