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Ingrown Nail

An ingrown toe nail is when the nail begins to dig into the skin causing discomfort, pain, and often infections. Often the skin fold starts to become prominent over the tip/ or the side of the nail. They are most commonly seen in the big toes and are often due to the way we walk as well as the way we cut our nails. These are commonly found in patients with bunion deformities as well as patients with flatfeet. There are various options for removal of the ingrown nail and to prevent recurrence. A permanent partial matrixectomy, which is a destruction of the matrix where the nail grows from, is a common solution to recurring ingrown nails. The matrixectomy can be performed with chemical or surgical technique, both of which can be performed in the office setting under local anesthesia to the toe.

If you have an ingrown nail or recurring ingrown nails, call Dr. Diana Levin Valencia for an appointment and treatment.