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A common cause of pain in the forefoot is neuroma pain. While there are a slew of differentials for pain in the forefoot, one common pain is due to an overgrowth of nerve tissue which becomes compressed in a small space causing pain. Women are more prone to this due to the types of shoes that they usually wear (pointy narrow tips and high heels). A working diagnosis for a neuroma is clinically made in the office. Often the type of pain elicited is a shooting/ tingling pain to the tips of the toes. A Neuroma is usually confirmed via MRI or ultrasound. One of the most common locations for a Neuroma is between your 3rd and 4th metatarsals (by your 3rd and 4th toes) and at this location it is commonly known as a “Morton’s Neuroma”.

If you are diagnosed with a Neuroma it is often recommended to change shoes to a lower heel and to a wider toe box. Dr. Valencia can also often inject the patient with a type of steroid and anesthetic injection to help decrease the inflammation surrounding the nerve.

Once a neuroma has been diagnosed by MRI or even Ultrasound it can also be treated using Sclerosing injections or surgically by removing the neuroma.

If you are having pain in the ball of your foot which you would like evaluated please call Dr. Diana Levin Valencia for an appointment.